Personal development

Personal development coaching is focussed on the individual. Also called life coaching, it corresponds to the following needs :

  • listening, creating social links,
  • self esteem, recognition, self confidence, assertion,
  • realising one’s aspirations, fulfillment…

Personal development coaching also covers :

  • self awareness : identification of one’s characteristics, acceptance of one’s doubts, difficulties, failures, recognition of achievements and successes, widening the scope of reference,
  • self transformation : optimizing one’s existence, expression, valuation and reflection, exploring one’s talents, overcoming obstacles, being aware of one’s abilities, contextual understanding, management of priorities, emotions, harmonisation of one’s relationships and sharing of experiences…

Personal development coaching has as its vocation the fulfillment of the person.

 If we want to obtain something we have never had, we have to try something we have never done. Périclès