My mission as a coach is centred around 3 aspects :

–  coaching  which offers  a space to talk, listen and take a step back from the situations encountered and their issues,

 change management which allows the coachee to express and position him/herself in a way that makes perfect sense,

 the frame of references of the coachee being adapted or opened can help to overcome obstacles.

Defined as a means of help, coaching is the accompanying of the individual in his/her search for a solution and put in place the actions necessary to move from the current situation to the desired one.

Neither counselling nor therapy, coaching consists of accompanying the coachee towards the achievement of his/her own objectives using his/her own resources.

Based on learning, coaching helps the adoption of new behaviors which allow the  attainment of real and measurable results.  It requires that the coachee has a will to progress, cooperate and accept self questioning.

Change management consists of facilitating the passage from one situation to another. Accompanying change, also called Transition coaching, is based on the understanding and meaning to be given to the different stages of transition in new contexts and issues, new functions or responsibilities, professional or personal breakdown. It provides self-confidence and access to well being.

Frame of references also known as « view of life » or « view of the world », is the collection of elements specific to the individual (personality, education, social status, cultural background and experience…) which contribute to the determination of values (thoughts considered important), beliefs (thoughts considered true), and manage his/her  reactions and behavior.

Being aware of his/her frame of references presents an advantage when learning about oneself. When an experience tests the person’s limits, wider the frame becomes necessary. Adapting and broadening one’s frame of references allow to overcome obstacles and develop one’s potential.