International opening

Since college, the learning of the English language tempted me to explore new shores. A few years later I begin by exploring the Anglo-Saxon world. In a seaside resort in the South of England I gained experience in the hotel industry. In the USA my role as a Cultural Representative included the introduction of gastronomy and the promotion of French culture.

Returning to Paris, I was recruited for my life experiences and linguistic ability, I became a manager of major accounts in a large investment bank. Based in the International Institutional Investors department I managed transactions and operations on the financial markets then rose from client relations to managing the team. High expectations of the clients, a constant search for process optimization, strong competitive stakes and healthy relationships with the financial authorities comprised my universe.

Dual nationality family

Parental leave gave me the opportunity to invest in the bilingual education of my children. To revitalize my role I undertook the animation of groups of French-speaking and English-speaking young mothers in the Paris area for a couple of associations, one English one French. 

Expatriation, source of development

Expatriation then presented itself as an extraordinary chance to further enjoy new experiences ! In intercultural situations changes can  be considered obstacles, or on the contrary an opportunity of enrichment. As an accompanying spouse, the learning of a new language, the cultural discovery and professional challenge were my three axes of development

In Milan, as a marketing assistant in a family business, I identified commercial real estate opportunities in order to propose the same to big named fashion and design houses. Also for an insurance subsidy I managed the accounting interface between various service providers. In Moscow, I taught French in the Anglo-American International School.

The return, a veritable challenge

When language is no longer a barrier the return to the country of origin may seem easy. Nevertheless another reality appears. If the gap felt between life abroad and life in one’s native country present a culture shock, the concepts of culture and identity take another meaning through introspection.

My priority was to continue my professional career in Brittany on the Atlantic coast, a region chosen for its quality of life and refinding my roots. I brought my organisational and management skills to small local businesses in the fields of web design, import export, and telecoms.

At the same time I provided help to various individuals who experienced language barriers, health issues and assisted the creation of business start-ups.

People, the priority

My experience accumulated over time and the challenges met during my journey helped give clarity to the sense of my progress. The outcome of my odyssey was a desire to create a business based upon the integration of human singularities and complexities.   

Attentive  to others, aware of the necessity to take a step backwards to analyse situations and find solutions, I want to help people live better through change. My project takes a natural direction drawing on my interpersonal skills, my accounting and management abilities  as well as my adaptability to organizations : CAC40 international company, small local company, family business, subsidiary,  international school, associations.

Transition coaching

I have studied firstly in Psychology at Rennes University then Practices of coaching at the Paris 8 University (DESU Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Universitaires, Bac+4). For my dissertation I chose the specifics of Intercultural Coaching.

Today I specialize in corporate coaching (in French and English) in leadership, time management, project development, relational communication, life balance 

I also coach individuals in personal relationship development, career choice and change, and in life transitions, allowing them to increase their confidence, performance, autonomy, flexibility and create a greater well-being.